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Our experienced wedding planners can assist you in all the details of planning your special day.  With over 30 years of event planning, décor designing, and catering we feel confident in meeting your expectations. We understand the pressures and stress that comes with planning a wedding and reception, and we partner with you to minimize these distractions. Our goal is to truly make your Wedding Day special and stress-free.



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Whether you are honoring management, an employee(s), launching a new service or product, team-building, celebrating birthdays, or any type of themed event, you can be rest assured that our experience allows us to be resourceful, create creative designs, and cater great food. We can save you time with our decorating ideas, and we always make every effort to meet your budget, while exceeding your expectations.



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We would not be in this business if we did not have the passion to serve you and your guests.  Good food is important and brings the best out of everyone.  Our Build-a-Menu includes a variety of food dishes and for special occasions the host may have a special recipe to be prepared.  If a food dish is not listed please let us know.  Our party planners are eager to work with you to plan the perfect event. We are much more than just caterers!



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We include pictures of our Marin County caterers set-ups for various types of venues, food display and in-house floral décor and table design.  We have a warehouse full of theme-oriented items, so you can see some of the theme events we can produce for you.  Although we don’t show faces in our pictures due to privacy, we take pride in producing parties where everyone involved is happy and has a truly memorable good time!


As a wedding DJ I have the opportunity to work with a lot of catering companies in the Bay Area. Few (if any) of the dozens I have worked with have gone so far beyond my expectations of what’s possible than Marcus and his team at An Affair to Remember.

First and foremost the food, some of the best I’ve ever eaten at a wedding. Smoked turkey, truffle infused mashed potatoes and the tri-tip were better than four star restaurant worthy. Secondly Marcus truly cares about the event and his couple. I saw him personally passing drinks to members of the wedding party during post-ceremony photographs in the hot Sonoma sun.

I can’t wait to work with him and his excellent staff again. They are the caterer you want at your upcoming wedding reception.

We had our wedding on November 9 and couldn’t be more pleased with Marcus and our event. All of our guests raved over how great the food was, and how much they love Marcus.

I think Marcus is really good at reading the couple (re: Bridezilla level), and deciding what level of involvement is needed. I’m pretty low key so there wasn’t a lot of back and forth, but at the same time he returned all my phone calls/ emails promptly. He also was able to offer vendor recommendations, and let us know where we could splurge/ cut corners. He was able to work around our budget, and was generous to offer discounts as well. He never interrupted our event or used the microphone as one other yelper wrote, but every event is different I suppose.

At one point we had to string up these cafe lights i had bought (which did not come assembled- oops), and not only did Marcus put them together, but he was climbing up on the latter stringing them together. Apparently one of our guests left his jacket and wallet at the venue, and Marcus took care of it for us. It’s little things like this that make the evening run smoothly. Several of my guests asked for his card, and it was definitely a memorable experience.

We chose to have our wedding at Fallkirk Cultural Mansion in San Rafael and were grateful that Marcus was available, since he came highly recommended from several people and because he has catered many events there.
And Marcus was fabulous! He became our wedding planner, meeting us at the venue and talking through every aspect of the event: how to set up the chairs for the ceremony, where to put the tables, what food to serve, etc.
As others have mentioned, he saved us a ton of money by allowing us to bring in our own beverages and cheese plate ingredients. He also suggested that, instead of a large wedding cake, we just have a small symbolic cake for the photos and the cake ceremony (we had the Bronte cake from Emporio Rulli delivered -it was delicious, albeit tiny … I also had friends bake a vegan and a gluten free cake) and have his team plate a sheet cake in the kitchen ahead of time for greater efficiency (a friend picked up the fabulous chocolate buttercream cake from Della Fattoria).
Marcus was available before the wedding to talk through every minute detail with me until there was little left to chance.
And what a wonderful wedding it was! Everything worked out perfectly, the guests and we had so much fun!!!
Marcus and his team got there early to set up chairs and tables. And he accommodated my request to have a large plate of appetizers in the bridal room, since I anticipated that I would not be good about remembering to eat before the event. My girlfriends force fed me and I was so grateful.
We did Asian appetizers and the food was wonderful: his signature crab and artichoke dip, dim sum, ahi poke, Thai chicken skewers and meatballs. There was enough left of everything that he ended up packing me an icebox full of food for the honeymoon, which we so appreciated, because it allowed us to really savor the food the next day without distractions.
And the decorations were very tasteful, lots of green with some white (I had been a bit nervous about this, after seeing garish decorations at other people’s events).
Marcus and Danielle and the team were lovely and I could not have done this without them. Marcus is always in a happy and high energy mood and has a fabulous “yes we can” philosophy and he is a pleasure to talk to, which made the planning fun and enjoyable.
Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Marcus helped with the planning and coordination of my wedidng as well as doing all of the catering. It was at the Lyford House in Tiburon, which requires you to coordinate all of the tables, chairs, bar, umbrellas ect. and he was able to tkae care of all of that. He helped my mom and I so much in figuring out all those little details we were not sure about but also was seamless in making sure the big picture ideas/requests went off without a hitch as well. He graciously let us borrow any equipment that he had that helped bring the decor to another level. The food was plentiful and delicious.Even though we had a menu which described each of the foods Marcus took time to go to each table to describe them as well. My guests loved him and I heard numerous days how great the hours de vours (excuse my spelling :) and meal was. What I also appreciated was that the day of he was great at keeping everything on perfect schedule and if I had any random request he was on it on no time. I have to say I was nervous at first to have a wedding in a place that wasn’t somewhere like a vineyard or golf course where they have a staff that deals with all the food, supplies, ect but I sould not have been b/c Marcus and his team was a one stop shop that allowed me to have a wedding in such a unique and beautiful location and I did not have to worry about the small details. Thanks again Marcus for making my day so special! I will highly recommend you to all my friends getting married and if you are still in business if I have a daughter I am using YOU 100% guarantee! :)

The reviews seem pretty clear about Marcus and An Affair to Remember, but I figured I’d pile on given how much we loved our wedding last weekend.

My wife and I chose our venue (Observation Post at the Presidio) for two reasons, a) the view is unbelievable, and b) Presidio venues (or at least ours) allow outside catering and beverage companies. This second component was critical, since we were paying for our own wedding. Venues that come with required catering and beverage companies are unbelievably expensive with those per-person rates. This actually made the first phase of wedding planning pretty frustrating – until we found the Presidio and An Affair to Remember.

My wife initially reached out to a handful of caterers, but Marcus and ‘An Affair’ became a clear choice based on our initial discussions and a preliminary quote that was clearly the best value. In fact, Marcus and Danielle (his wife) worked hand in hand with us throughout the entire process to manage our costs while also producing an outstanding wedding. Little tips like bringing a women’s bathroom kit, supplying a few of our own cheeses, and sourcing our own alcohol (through BevMo) saved us literally thousands of dollars. Marcus was happy to do all of this himself, but also knew we could save quite a bit with just a bit of effort on our end.

Throughout the event, we had more than a few guests come up to us and tell us that this was the nicest wedding they had ever attended. Obviously, the view of the Golden Gate Bridge didn’t hurt, but most of the comments actually highlighted Marcus’ touches. The mint color scheme (selected by my wife) was done very tastefully through white table cloths with mint napkins sticking out of the glassware and mint colored cocktail tables as accents. Danielle also created several beautiful flower arrangements for our ceremony as well as all of our table centerpieces. Her flower arrangements rivaled anything I’ve seen from local florists and were a way better value.

The food was also very well received. The appetizers were passed out and included some pretty high end seafood options (e.g., Dungeness Crab and Artichoke Dip and Ahi Poke Bites), while the dinner was a buffet style that included Salmon with Lobster sauce and other “California cuisine” food options. I was a bit worried that the “buffet” wouldn’t be received well by our more snobbish guests, but several guests specifically commented on how good the food was and how helpful Marcus was in highlighting the options before heading up to the buffet.

Lastly, and again looking to save money, my wife and I opted against both a wedding planner and day-of planner, despite multiple advisories from friends. Marcus and Danielle happily took on the role of our day-of organizer and made sure everything went smoothly. In fact, they went over and above, going so far as to personally run out for more gin after it ran out midway through the ceremony (who drinks so much Gin?). Seriously – these guys delivered a really perfect wedding.

Marcus and Danielle weren’t just vendors for our wedding, they were our partners and helped make our day incredibly memorable. Thank you!